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Using Wildcard SSL cert on domains under a hosting account

I have a hosting account for a main domain (e.g. with Godaddy. Under this hosting account I have also registered a few other domain names (e.g.,  purchased through Godaddy. Recently, I purchased a Wildcard SSL which I want to use on and all other subdomains under

When I go to the SSL setup page and click on "Select a domain hosted with us", I only see in the list and not or

1. How do I use the Wildcard SSL on 

2. I will have an external server with an assigned subdomain which I believe I can do a CSR?



Helper VI

Hi @Ramtam, I assume you are on cpanel hosting.

In order to use the SSL you should change the primary domain for your cpanel account.

Also, you can still generate the SSL and import it via the SSL settings in cpanel, however that would require custom configuration and it's not done automatically.


Hope it helps!

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