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Backup plugin recommendation for WordPress

Hello friends,


Would someone please recommend a good free backup plugin for WP? I know there's a GoDaddy partner but I can't afford to pay for one right now. Thanks in advance for your time.

Advocate II

Personally, I use BAckupBuddy - which is not free.


But you can check out his link for some ideas and reviews:



Yes, Backup Buddy is the Cadillac of backup plug-ins, but is not free. Then again, paying for a backup plug-in is cheap insurance.


If you're hosting on Managed WordPress, backups are included. So moving to that hosting may not cost any more than your current hosting, but would include the feature.


I do have some clients who are not at GoDaddy, and I almost always use Backup Buddy on those sites. But then again, sometimes it won't work, depending on their hosting configuration. In that case, I use BackupWordPress.



I use UpdraftPlus (the one in the GoDaddy Partner Plugins).  There is a free version if all you want is backups.  If you need a migrator, you can still use it but will need a plugin like

to change the db url's.


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

How do I know if my Wordpress site is being hosted on Managed Wordpress?  

Tim Slazyk
Helper I

I have a bunch of sites and use both Backup Buddy and Updraft.


On a couple occasions I've had sites hacked and the backup was useful when talking to the hosting provider.


However, your host usually has a few snapshots from their own records over the past month or so to restore from.

Helper I

See my post regarding "Specific Wordpress Backup and Restore Instructions."  I am basically asking someone to come forward with what is working best for them and to provide well written instructions.  Hope this helps for the time being. Every time I have a Wordpress site crash or get corrupted I basically have to start from scratch.  I am not going to let that happen every again.  

Tim Slazyk