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Can "flush cache" be timed?



Our site just became online with GoDaddy. I noticed a problem:


Once a week we change a picture to the homepage. I use a "timed content" plugin to time the change. For example, I leave work at 4pm on friday, but I want the picture at the site to change on saturday 6pm. That's why I use the plugin.


The problem is, that when the picture is changed to the site, some users have reported that it still hasn't changed many hours after it supposed to have changed. On my PC it shows right, but on another PC it still shows the old picture. The fix to this is to go to the godaddy wordpress management site, go to the GoDaddy drop menu and press "Clear Cache". This is all good, if I make some changes during my workday, but if I time the change to happen for example on a weekend or during the night, there's no one pressing the "clear cache" button!


Is there anyway to make this happen automatically? When some change happens in the site it automatically clears the cache?



Thank you in advance for your replys! Still new to this website thing, so bare with me... 🙂


Re: Can "flush cache" be timed?

Hi @Saituri

Thanks for posting in our forums. The flush cache feature cannot be timed, it has to be done manually. There are plugins that do, but they are blacklisted from us within our Managed Wordpress. 

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Re: Can "flush cache" be timed?

Well that is just terrible news.

Re: Can "flush cache" be timed?

Why are the plugins blacklisted? Because this will be a real pain in the ass, because it means that I have to manually do this once a week on my freetime.

Re: Can "flush cache" be timed?

Agreed, this is a joke. The cache is stale every day.


I was told by support that I need to sign in to clear cache after schedule content is posted to make that visible.  Guess who's talking to BlueHost right now?

Re: Can "flush cache" be timed?

This thread is almost a year old. Has GoDaddy done something since to allow timed cache recycles?

Re: Can "flush cache" be timed?

I hope there is a better solution for this because I have to do the same thing for a website every week on my own time outside business hours. When I go on vacation with no WiFi connection, I have to dump the task on someone else to do on their own time.