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Changing "extension_dir" in .user.ini

I would like to install some php extensions, so I plan to change the "extension_dir" in my .user.ini

Say I want to change it from "/usr/local/php5_6/bin" to "/home/myuser/html/phpext", as per my understanding, I have to do the belows:

1. I have to copy all default Godaddy extensions to new extension_dir "/home/myuser/html/phpext".

2. Change "extension_dir" in my "/home/myuser/html/.user.ini" to "/home/myuser/html/phpext"

3. Install my own php extensions.

Is there any one confirm the steps please?

Beside, when I go to default extension_dir to do step1, I found almost none of the extensions?
Are those extension files are hidden by Godaddy server? Why?

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Hi @MarkJoy,


All (unix at least) files that begin with a period '.' Are hidden files. This is a unix thing, not a godaddy thing. I do believe there is an option to see all files in cPanel and otherwise on the command line the, 'ls -la'  command will reveal all in the current directory, including '.something' files. 


Hello @Retired,


Thanks for your answer. I don't have cPanel in Managed WordPress plan, and I think SFTP is configured to hide files from user. I can't even read /web/conf/php.ini Check out this screenshot:

How to enable the option to see all files in Managed WordPress plan?

Could you confirm that the steps to change extension_dir will work? What if I don't copy the default existing extension to new extension_dir?