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Changing widget font color

Hi I have 4 or 5 widgets on the right side of my homepage but you can't see what they say. So I want to change the font color to white. Is that possible? I've deleted the Meta widget and then reinstalled it and it's the same color. So I am assuming the font color comes with the theme? And I'm assuming to change it, you have to do it through CSS. I haven't done that before and don't really want to try it and mess up the site. So any idea's? The site is If you can look at the CSS stuff on the page and write up how to change the color and how to add it I would try it then.

Advocate VII

Hi @soulsearcher,


One easy quick way to do it would be to use the span tag if your theme allows html in the widget.  <span style="color:#ffffff; ">Your text is now white</span>.


This is not a recommended permanent fix.  You will need to either set the widget colors via your theme's options or alter the theme's css.  If you alter the css, I recommend installing/using a child theme.


Hope this helps,


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