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Customizations are missing from my Dashboard

Three issues which are not resolved and would appreciate some feedback.


1) My account pages override WP-Admin.  I had to disable the feature to make Lost Password Link work.  I am now aware that this may be a security leak; thus, woocommerce and  investments would be a waste of money.


2) Dashboard seems to be losing my customization features that installed by me when I setup and installed WordPress i.e., my fully functional, site title / site identity, css modifications and widgets section is not displaying.  It seems theme designers or updates are trying to force out my customized admin environment which I set up to make my job easier.


 3) Updates look like they are removing developer API keys i.e., google fonts, maps, amp which are owned by my account and not WordPress, Godaddy, or independent  Theme / Plugin designers.


My Wordpress shows a general user license and most plugins which are free state this.  Why are theme or Wordpress updates being allowed to take features out of admins?


Community Manager

Hi @susanf1. Those sound like fairly complicated issues. 


On your first point, it's not clear which feature's you're referring to here. You may want to provide additional information on any errors you're seeing as well as the steps you took. That may help others offer additional suggestions.


On your second and third point, I'm guessing maybe you made updates to your theme's files. Those typically get overridden when updates are performed on any theme. To get around this, most developers use a child theme to make modifications instead.


WordPress updates shouldn't affect any modifications you made within WordPress itself unless the change was in a theme or plugin that had its featured diminished/broken due to the WordPress update. In that case, you may want to consider reaching out to the plugin/theme developer via their own website or on their pages. Hope that helps. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.
Getting Started



I appreciate the prompt response.  However, I did try the child theme concept.  The WP-Admin links are overridden by the My Account features offered by Woo Commerce in that theme's process as well.  Basically, I set up a subdomain so I could create the child theme.  Then when I tried to access the WP-Admin for the child theme, I did not have access to its independent WP-Admin. 


The difference on the child themes features related to Woo Commerce is not much because I have only modified typography for my base theme's default Woo Commerce shop pages.  But disabling the My Account pages for the child theme (new Storefront or Boutique) does not bring back my
WP-Admin code.  If I do this in my base theme's Wp-Admin, I get my original WP-Admin back.