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Database Connection Error after Update to WP 4.6

Here's what happened--after updating to Wordpress 4.6, I was met with line errors, as all files didn't successfully upload to the site.  I sought support from their forums, was led through an entire process where I trouble-shot the wordpress upload.  That has finally been rectified, and the Wordpress files are all uploaded now.


However, during this process I was advised to log into MyPhpAdmin on Godaddy and change my database password.  This, however, did nothing.  MyPhpAdmin, even though I reset and changed the password more than once, would not allow me access to my database in order to change any settings.  It kept giving me login errors.  Now that the Wordpress files have been fixed, the site just gives "Error establishing database connection".  I did look into the config.php file on a text editor, and the database password was something random, definitely not what I had changed it to before.  The problem, though, is that the one to which I changed it didn't work, either.  My PhpAdmin never let me in in the first place.  I'm not a coder, don't know anything about coding, and have no idea how to fix this.


In the meantime, I have a book release coming out next week and need my site up and running.  Please help.  The URL is

Helper III


Do you have cPanel hosting?


If you do, try this:

1. From cPanel, click on the "Installatron Application" icon.

2. Click on the edit button for your WordPress installation (the one that looks like a wrench).

3. Click on the "Files & Tables" tab (right underneath the thumbnail image on the left).

4. Change the Database password on this page, and then click the "Save All" button at the bottom.


This should change the DB password and the WordPress config to use the same password, and hopefully should bring your site back up.

I used to have cPanel, but now they've replaced that with some kind of new interface.  I don't have an "Installation Application" icon, and when I click on Wordpress, no settings or options of that type appear, only a "manage" link that leads me to another option tree with nothing that looks similar to what you've said.


Adding to this, according to my hosting details WP never even updated to version 4.6.  It's saying I have the old version.  Just as well, I can't access anything.

Are you on a Managed WordPress plan?  If so, I don't know what you would need to do outside of contacting support for assistance.  If not, what exact hosting plan are you on?