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Do you stop taking on clients during November & December?

We've heard from a number of Pros who stop taking new work at the end of October. Are you still looking for new clients, or are you done for the year?

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Advocate VI

Great question. I try to discourage people from starting a new site after Nov 1, for a few reasons.


1. If we don't finish quickly, I may be pressured into working over the holidays. And in particular, I like to take the week off between Christmas and New Years, when the kids come to visit. I don't want someone expecting their site to launch before the end of the year, just because that's an artificial milestone they have in mind. 


2. If we don't finish quickly, we'll wind up taking a big break mid-project, as clients are busy with family and holiday stuff. Then we have to re-group in January and everyone has to remember what we were doing and discussing before the break. I am much more efficient if we keep rolling after we get started. I deal with quite a few sites and it's hard enough to keep track of everything and everyone, WITHOUT a big break in the middle of the project.


Of course I might make an exception if there is a compelling reason. But if I do, I bump up the estimate by some number of hours to cover for the possibility of rush work over the holidays and/or the extra time to get everyone back on the same track to finish the project after the holidays.


At this point, anyone new is going to be told that I am booked through the end of the year, and can talk to them in January. If they are not in a big rush, I might have the conversation to get the proposal done and approved, with their understanding that the project will not be started until mid-January. I never promise to start a new project immediately after New Years, as I know there will be plenty of maintenance tasks for existing clients/sites.


As web design is but one section of our company, there are a lot of other things that are easily accomplished and on-schedule.  We perform content creation (always have to have new and engaging content), digital marketing systems, email, webinar management, reputation intelligence, online presence and a host of other services.

To put it in simple terms - Are you out of your mind?

David J Dunworth
The Over-Caffeinated Entrepreneur
Helper V

Hello ..... According to me,


  • Holidays are always a time were we get relax from works. Developers who are always busy thinking and working on lot's of code's.
  • WordPress Disaster Week Is Coming So It's Better Not To Work On WordPress Site's And If So Keep An Eye On Security.
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Dave Flanagan & Co. is taking business all year long. We are confident in our ability to schedule work and stick to the timeline. We will be open for business and taking new work every single workday. We will take federal holidays off unless is a problem with someone's website, then we'll fix it. Other than that, it's business as usual. 

Dave Flanagan

We're done Dec. 1 until January 1. Works best.

Short answer? No.

A lot of my clients rely on using the quieter time of year to go through new ideas they have. Even if they aren't launching something, I am still happy to consult, as long as it's not on any actual public holidays as I find it to be disrespectful.


It really is a case by case basis for everyone. 


@Andy wrote:

We've heard from a number of Pros who stop taking new work at the end of October. Are you still looking for new clients, or are you done for the year?

I am in awe at the concept of just deciding to 'stop taking on clients', especially for a two month period!


Actually, I find this time of year to easily be the most rewarding!

My experience is that when people are looking for a quick website to be up and running for the start of the new year and now have the funds thanks to their Christmas/holiday bonuses... not only are they swift with payments either upfront or invoiced, but they too are not looking to drag out the process to get the most customization and content that they can squeeze out of me over a long period of time.

Combine that with a huge percentage of all employees takes this time to spend their vacation days... this leaves these site-starting clients without room for complications from other co-workers 'convincing' them the day the invoice is issued they have heard WordPress is slow and now they want another brand new unheard-of publishing platform of sorts (exaggerated example haha)


I think my reasoning makes sense, but is there another side to this that I just haven't experienced yet?



Happy Holidays!