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Error establishing a database Connection

I was working on my wordpress site and it just had an error establishing a database connection. I wanted to attempt to fix it through accessing myPHPadmin but i cannot load that either, it says server not responding.  PLEASE HELP. 



Helper I

Hi Vannica,

Stay calm, it'll work!

Try logging into your phpmyadmin through your main hosting account > cpanel > phpmyadmin.

You may need to create the database and database user accounts as well.

Wordpress requires a database exists, as well as a database user created.

If you can log into any of these, check if a database and user exists, if you need assistance from there reply back.

it look like this site is fix...


My website can't be accessed: It just says that error. I found a few articles describing the error, but I can't access my backend either. doesn't work and neither does my email on godaddy.


Any ideas?

Hello @thomas166. Try the steps that @adampro mentioned and also ensure that the wp-config.php properly reflects your database credentials. You can do that from within the cPanel File Manager. 


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Ok, I tried the steps and the username in wp-config is correct. I have no idea how to verify if the password is correct though. I logged onto cpanel and went to MySQL databases, the username is correct and I 'checked' it and everything came back ok.


Site is still down, any ideas?




Hi Thomas,

Not sure if stuff is online now or not?  Be sure to post a new post in the forums as well.  If this post gets marked as solved, you'll get fewer replies.

That said:
1. Open a new forum post describing any issues.
2. If your site is older, it may be time to contact a pro for assistance.  You could re-install everything, however this could have any number of conflicts with the existing site, specifically how it could affect the site's SEO.  If you've tried everything, hire a pro for an hour to have a look at your site's files, they can get everything fixed up or get you a quote on what needs to be done to get your site back online.