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FTP Woes

Hi everyone,


Just tried to log in to my site using an FTP account, didn't work (530 error). Now the whole site seems to have been wiped from the file manager. I can see some of it in the trash. Any ideas? 


I've spent hours building the site in wordpress and now it's all gone. Can't access any of it.

Helper III

Did you use FileZilla or another 3rd party provider? If you have a hosting account on GoDaddy, you can edit the FTP files via the File Manager, something of which I do on a daily basis.


It sounds to me you did something when you accessed your FTP files from that FTP account, and accidentally deleted your files.


You can try calling up hosting support, but it sounds like you'll need to start from scratch and do everything over again. I'm glad I'm not you. Kidding.


Let me know if you need further guidance.