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File Manager on my Linux Hosting plan not working

Hi All,


I have an issue accessing my File Manager and in Google Search I could see that it says the site may be hacked. I checked with Google Console and it recommends to remove certain URLs on the server. I tried accessing my File Manager to check if such folders exists, however the file Manager does not seem to start up. Need urgent help on this.


Best regards,


Helper III

Hello @ALDAUD,

This could be a serious issue. There's not enough information provided in your post but if you like you can con act me on my skype so we can get your server back online.


Typically this error comes from a vulnerable wordpress plugin that was compromised and authorized file uploading or database manipulation and google has scanned the contents of the manipulation.


Can you give us your server error_logs?

If you have modsec installed can you give us your modsec logs?


You can try restarting your apache and mysql services.



Richard Grant

software engineer

please note that, i offer direct support that is in no way associated with GoDaddy's regular support channels; but, for immediate technical support you can contact me at: