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Hosted domain with WordPress and receiving 500 internal server error. Can't view logs.



I am hosting a domain on Godaddy that is registered elsewhere. After the nameservers/DNS resolved, suddenly all pages except the ones created by Woo Commerce pop up with a 500 internal server error pages. 


When I go to view the error logs for my hosting account, I just get linked to a help article that doesn't exist. 


In my general settings for the site, I have the hosted domain name in Site Address URL ( and the location of the hosted site in the WordPress Address (


I appreciate any help!


Edit: Seems to have been an HTACCESS issue. *crosses fingers*

Helper III

Some hosting providers edit your FTP files like your :htaccess and wp-config files to point to their hosting platforms. I've dealt with this once years ago.


If you're actually moving a website from a 3rd party hosting provider to GoDaddy, you'll need to check your FTP files, and make sure they're not tied to the original hosting provider.


Hosting support can give you further guidance. I recommend deactivating your plugins when moving your website partly so they don't save information from the old hosting provider to the new.


For the most part, it's pretty easy. Just use a FTP file manager like FileZilla, or even download everything on your computer, then re-upload everything via FTP after installing the new CMS on your new hosting provider, that being GoDaddy.


Make sure that you backup all the FTP files on your computer.