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Is It Common for Website to Be Offline for a few minutes every week or so?



I tend to get notifications from Jetpack every now and then, say every other week, about my site being offline for sometime, the last time being 8 minutes, as shown below:


Hi kennethg,

Good news — your site is back up!

Your total downtime was 8 mins, but your site was up again as of Friday, December 2, 12:23 pm.

If it goes down again at some point (we hope it doesn’t!), we’ll be in touch.

The Jetpack Team



Am I the only one having this or is this a common GoDaddy hosting flaw?


And I have checked. I am not exceeding my CPU or RAM usage, i.e. their still around 50% usage only from the cPanel view. 






Hi, I know it's Godaddy. I have text alerts set up for all of my sites that are on godaddy. And I honestly prob avg 2-3 texts that a site is down per DAY! Sometimes it's for 5 secs, sometimes it's for a few mins. But w/ hosting, technology, etc as it is. Your site should ONLY be down no more than 1% the ENTIRE year. So there is just no way that a site should be down 2-3, sometimes even 4/5x per week. It doesn't matter if it's only for a second.


And I hate to say this bc I've been w/ godaddy for 15+ years, but it's just not worth it anymore. Not only did they screw me on EVERY 'WP Hosting Acct' I have purchased. It is supposed to come w/ a free SSL Certifcate for a year ($60 value) & just randomly a month ago, I had 4 sites go live the same week, so I purchased the upgraded 'WP hosting' for them. And they screwed me & said that somehow I manually went in before the checkout & 'unclicked' the 'FREE SSL' box. First of all, there was NEVER any such box, & second why on earth would I check that off????????


That means now, I have to get a SSL certificate for all my clients (when I got them to go w/ godaddy bc I said they would save $60 w/ the FREE SSL for a year.


Also, what they don't tell you, is that SSL Certificates are now FREE for the lifetime of your site if you want & you can have 10, 15, 20 FREE SSL Certificates on a hosting acct if you have that many websites. I've done a TON of research on this, & I'm switching ALL my domains, hosting, & ALL additional services (email, get found, business listingss, etc) to is ranked in the Top 1,2 (3 at worst) for hosting no matter what rankings, site, blog you view. And I spoke w/ them, their platform is really amazing. They will transfer any & ALL sites for you to their platform for no charge. It doesn't matter if you're site is already live, on wordpress, whatever... they will transfer as many sites as you want. They do have a 30 day FULL, no questions asked money back guarantee also.


But you just select the hosting plan you want & you can put as many sites as you want on that hosting acct, as long as it stays under your size limits (which are huge). And SSL Certificates are FREE for also as many sites as you have, and they automatically update the SSL Certifcate each year for free for you for no charge. So not only will they NEVER screw you about the SSL Certificates, they give you as many SSL Certificates you want for every site if you want, & they remain FREE for the life of your site/time w/ siteground. They also automatically update ALL plugins, themes, etc on wordpress sites, no charge. They have smaller hosting servers, so you have a dedicated server. They have 99.99% UPTIME for your sites. So you wont be getting alerts every other day/couple times a week that your site is down.


They also automatically back up your site for free. & it's not even close to stopping there. It gets so much better still. They have a TON more data centers nationally & internationally. So even if you would simply just switch your site to their hosting platform, your site automatically get 20-30% faster w/o you even having to do anything. But your acct will come w/ 'Cloudfire CDN' which will also increase your site's speed/load time. And w/ their 'Super Cacher' plugin/technology, your site will once again get faster. So your site will now have an uptime of 99.99%, & will increase in speed/loading time w/ these 3 areas. And these are all services that come standard w/ siteground's hosting accounts. I've moved 2 sites over so far & I'm not kidding & I'm in NO WAY affiliated w/ siteground at all. As I said, I've been such a loyal customer to godaddy for 15+ years, but when there is a product that is that superior, CHEAPER, easier, they don't try & get anything over on you, both of my sites w/o even doing anything yet, increased in speed/load time/page rankings by a min. of 20%, but the other increased by 33%!!!! Their service is also great, 24/7. And they actually have people that specialize in wordpresss, unlike godaddy that says they do, but doesn't actually when it comes down to an issue or problem.


And if that wasn't enough, & you can't make this up. You automatically become a person that basically owns a 'hosting company'!!! Bc you can use siteground for all of your new sites/clients & siteground will give you the hosting acct/plugins/etc for ONLY $42/year & then you can upsell & make some additional for every client that you have on siteground. So your site will be faster, better, rank better, get better results, FAR less downtime, you get lifetime FREE SSL certificates for as many sites as you want, you will also make a few extra dollars per site that you refer to siteground.