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Page not found 404 - no email received


Thanks for reading this request for help.

I have installed and uninstalled Wordpress a couple of times.  I finally had the progress bar for Wordpress installation and it completed 100% however I believe I am meant to receive an email saying it is installed Ok.  I haven't received that, even though I had my email set up in settings.  I also get a 404 Page Not found on my site  I'm sorry I don't know where to go from here.  thanks



Hi @belljj64


Thank you for your post. I reviewed the information you provided and did a DNS check on your domain. The domains DNS is pointed away from GoDaddy. If you are hosting the wordpress website with GoDaddy it is important to point your domains DNS to the GoDaddy hosting server so that your wordpress site and dashboard can be accessed.  If you are unsure if how to point your domains DNS or will need assistance find the correct records to update please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support line at any time of your convenience and our agents will be happy to assist you. 


Hope this helps!


Hi TechFly,

Thanks so much, I'll give the support line a call now.