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Quality of GoDaddy WP Hosting!

I have 4 WP sites hosted on GoDaddy and have not been able to access any of them through the GoDaddy admin panel for two weeks. Wait times on tech support phone calls are 30 to 40 minutes and problem has not been solved.


This is rediculous.


Hey @drbob19


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I am sorry to hear about both the trouble you're encountering with your WordPress sites and the delays getting through to our support team. I know our hosting teams were trying to address some reported issues yesterday with one of our Managed WordPress servers that might have been the cause of the delay encountered when trying to get through. 


If you're still encountering an error accessing your sites, you'll want to continue trying to call or use our Live Chat to so they can help review the cause in your account. 


Let us know if they manage to get the issue worked out for you. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Well, my GoDaddy WP hosting is still a disaster . . . but I did get a laugh out of the fact that the preceding response came to me from an email address I'm thinking that the WP hosting staff at GoDaddy must all be on lithium or a similar hallucinogen.


I have not been able to access any of my four GoDaddy-hosted WP business websites for almost three weeks now. I have wasted more than SEVEN hours on hold over several phone calls. I am looking for an alternative WP host and am suggesting that my business communities (including 5,000+ LinkedIn connections) do likewise.

Maybe GoDaddy should spend less money on unproductive chats . . . and more money (a lot more money) on answering the phone and providing tech problem solutions.