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SSL Certificate is not mine

Hi All, really pulling my hair out on this one. 


I hosted my website on for 5 years. Just recently, I decided I would port it to using my boyfriend's server on When I ported over to, I went to my website and got the standard message from Google Chrome:



Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

Automatically report details of possible security incidents to Google. Privacy policy
After doing some reading, it appears that it is related to the SSL certificate. I'v enever purchased a SSL certificate in my life but I believe all sites had SSL by default. I thought since I moved to an external host using, I would have no SSL at all. Turns out, I have an SSL certificate tied to my URL that is from a website completely unrelated to my website. 
My domain:
Domain that SSL is issued to:
Does anyone know what to do here?? Originally, the error message only appeared when I was using and I could get around it by using, but even this doesn't work anymore. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
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Looks like your website, security certificate AND issuing information all looks proper to me. The error is new as of January 2017 and isn't about your website as much as it is a broader push to SSL. Looks like you are all stup properly though? Hope that helps?

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