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Timeout error while editing pages in WordPress

I have talked to customer service several times and it has now been 5 days that this issue has not been resolved. This issue happens with every one of my wordpress websites,  I am unable to upload anything to the server, it gives HTTP error and times out. I was told you guys are having server issues and due to a hack you had to limit certain servers, But i was told this issue would be fixed soon. Being unable to work on my websites is causing a great deal of frustration as this is my work and i have deadlines to meet, Can someone please help me and tell me when you expect to have this issue resolved? Thanks for your time!


-Troy Bacon

Former Employee

Hi Troy, thanks for reaching out.  We need to do more digging to figure out what might be causing this.  In a similar case this exact issue was due to a particular plugin, this one in this case.  It's likely an issue affecting a number of plugins.


Can you confirm that the same issue is occurring in a staging environment using a default theme (e.g. TwentySixteen) and all plugins deactivated?  If it doesn't, then let us know which plugin you're having the issue with.


If it's an issue with a particular subset of plugins we can determine whether it's a platform issue or an issue with certain plugins with the recent 4.6 WordPress Core update, which was rolled out around the same time these issues started happening.


Thanks Troy,


Gabriel A. Mays
Head of WordPress, GoDaddy

I'm having this same issue. I can add new plugin and create new pages but when I try to upload media or change settings in for a plugin it times out.
This is a new install as well.

Hey @Coolfiretech,


You mentioned "New Install", sounds like you're using a cPanel hosting plan instead of a Managed WordPress hosting plan. Have you tried some of the suggestions Gabe mentioned? I know some of the comments pertaining to the staging environment is more for Managed WordPress, but the same idea of checking for specific subsets of plug-ins would still apply. 


You may also want to try reaching out to our live support so our hosting team can help review further. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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