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Trouble staying connected with MySQL over internet

I have used DBForge and Microsoft Access ODBC to connect to MySQL in order to create and run reports. Both products work sometimes but I frequently get a "connection lost" error. In addition, sometimes the reports respond promptly and other times may require several minutes to run. This not a large database. I am looking a a view with about 10,000 records with about 20 fields per record.

I can not find a way to adjust time outs for Access but adjusting timeouts for DBforge seems to have no effect. The problem seems to be increasing worse to the point where the application is becoming unusable. We must solve this problem or find another source.

Community Manager

Hi, @uccftw. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


I'm not sure that this is what you're running into, but my guess would be that the server has a limit to how long your queries can run. If that's the case, and you're hosted on a shared platform (like cPanel or Plesk Hosting), you wouldn't likely be able to change the timeout. However, you may want to reach out to our support team to see if they can verify what's happening. If you're hosted on a VPS/Dedicated Server or Cloud server, then maybe this is something different. If you update here with more information in that case, others may have additional suggestions. 


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