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Why Use GoDaddy Managed Wordpress?

So, I am trying to figure out why the Managed Wordpress was recommended to me, it does nothing from what I can tell except suck up my money. There appears to be no way to see data, such as number of visits to your site, if you want security apparently you have to pay more about the only thing it does is provide you a platform to start with, which of course you can get from Wordpress. I would love to know what the hell I paid so much for and for that matter why I should stay with GoDaddy as this seems to be a built in scam…find someone that is just learning the platform and suck them into a product they dont need.

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Re: Why Use GoDaddy Managed Wordpress?

One could write a trilogy on Managed WordPress vs WordPress @Cuervolito and I can't tell you why something was recommended for you. Typically when getting advice there is some bias based on what is thought to be best. If you ask three people what's best you might get five answers but those would be based off of the experiences of the individual. 


I don't recommend Managed WordPress a ton but when I do it is usually because of security. Don't get me wrong Managed WordPress won't solve every security issue but it does provide an added layer of security. Your Managed WordPress install is on shared hosting with other installs and there is a lot being done to keep those installs safe that you don't see. The main thing you can do to decrease your chances of your WordPress website being corrupted is to make sure your version is constantly updated.  The is a cool article on Why You Should Always Use the Latest Version of WordPress from WP Beginner. Managed WordPress provides those updates for you. Depending on the platform you choose you also have perks line automatic backups, scalability, support, performance, one-click installs and staging environments. 


Specifically to the note of security if someone told me that they would not or could not maintain their own environment I would recommend Managed WordPress? I think of Managed WordPress as training wheels when you first jump on a bike. Not everyone requires training wheels to learn but it helps out some? 


One last thing to note is that (too my knowledge) no GoDaddy employee gets a bonus for selling more Managed WordPress packages over any other hosting or product? I'm sure for whatever reason the person you spoke to was earnest and well intentioned. Perhaps hearing "I'm just getting into WordPress" was the trigger to recommend the managed option over other hosting or product? There are also upgrade paths available to you if you feel you've outgrown your current hosting offering. I hope that helps? 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Re: Why Use GoDaddy Managed Wordpress?

Thank you.

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Re: Why Use GoDaddy Managed Wordpress?

Hello Cuervolito,


I work for GoDaddy and Managed WordPress hosting is one of the products I work on. The difference between hosting your site on Managed WordPress vs. installing WordPress on a standard web hosting are the "managed" services and features it provides. Here's a quick list of what managed includes:

1. WordPress automatically installed

2. Free backups for a rolling 30 days, with an easy one click restore of your files and/or database.

3. Automated WordPress core updates to make sure you are always on the most current, safest version.

4. An optimized hosting platform just for WordPress. Since we know how WordPress behaves, we can architect the hosting environment to run a WordPress site so that it loads faster for visitors vs. a regular web hosting platform, where you need to add your own caching plugins. Our managed platform includes multiple caching layers at the server level which makes your site run faster.

5. One-click staging site to test changes before pushing them to your live site (Deluxe, Ultimate and Developer plans)

5. Other tweaks for added layers of security (e.g., stop brute force logins, some comment spam protection)

For those that are skilled in WordPress hosting and are comfortable (or have time) setting up caching, backups, updating WordPress versions, then standard web hosting works just great. For those that are new to WordPress or prefer not to spend their time on hosting admin tasks, then a managed WordPress solution is really helpful. 

I hope this helps explain the differences and the value of our managed solution for WordPress.