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cannot login to wp admin after domain redirected

We have a domain registered with GoDaddy, was a wp site. Migrated the site to StarChapter but I want to get into my wp admin site to get files, images, etc. The login page now redirects to the StarChapter site. Any ideas how to get into wp now? I didn’t have wp downloaded on my computer, we just used the web to login and manage. Also when I try to login to wp on GoDaddy, I get too many redirects error.

Any thoughts or experience with handling this are appreciated.

The page I need help with:


Hi @RockyMtnHDI

If your site is now redirecting to your new hosting provider, you will want to use the login info that was created with them. I suggest reaching out to StarChapter on how to retrieve your WP admin login info to gain access to your files. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thanks for the reply.  I don't think that is going to work.  I am looking for the files that we used with wordpress and need to get into that site file manager, not StarChapters.  they created a new site for us.  I am looking for the data from the old site. Thanks