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    File transfer between GoDaddy Servers failing

    Four websites on different shared hosting cpanel servers in Singapore data centre. Got a new VPS in the Singapore data centre. Created full backup files. Trying to transfer using ssh, scp and sftp from the four shared hosting cpanels to the VPS. All in the same data centre so should be easy! Wrong. After a week of trying finally got three of four full backup files moved to the VPS.

    After starting file transfer there are stalled transfers - appears to be consistent. work for 30 seconds then stall one or more times - sometimes permanently stall - sometimes transfer starts again.

    The last file is 2.6 GB. Shared hosting server "put" to vps using scp or sftp has failed more times than I can count. VPS "get" from shared hosting server using scp or sftp failed several times. As I write this sftp get stalling once or twice a minute. 1.4GB transferred. Fingers crossed.


    Godaddy technical support don't have access to see why this is happening within the data centre.


    And yes, I'm in Melbourne, Australia, file uploads to Godaddy servers are difficult. Anything above 60 MB just doesn't succeed - or I have not found the magic that makes it work.


    So, has anyone had similar problems or more to the point, found out what is going on and found a way to fix?


    But really, not being able to transfer files between Godaddy servers in the same data centre? And technical support that cannot escalate an identifiable problem?


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    Helper I

    You have a linux or windows VPS? If you have Cpanel/WHM I would suggest to use the transfer tool.

    Let me know if you need any assistance.

    Getting Started

    @Evesion The transfer tool states it works only for VPS to VPS and not with shared hosting cpanel. I asked GoDaddy technical support for help, they acknowledged the problem and indicated that there was nothing they could do - there is no level 3 support apparently at GoDaddy. What a very bad situation.