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    Is there anyone at Godaddy who can help?

    I usually get notifications for renewals, but did not receive one for my server renewal and missed it. I got charged for 6 months on 11/4.

    I spoke to a Godaddy rep on 11.7 about getting a refund since my business had gone under because of COVID-19. I was told they couldn't help me over the chat, but someone might help me process the refund over the phone. 

    I deleted the server while on the phone with the customer service rep, and 5 minutes later he said since I was 24 hours late (there is a 48 refund window) I could not get the refund. 

    I accepted the situation and asked that since the server had been paid for already, for 6 months, I would like it reinstated/restored to my account. 

    The agent told me it would be, and that their manager will follow up with me the following day. 

    Two days later I get a generic message about why I can't get a refund, but they say nothing about restoring the server.

    I followed up with customer service about the server. 

    Now I am told I can't get the server back. I would have to repurchase the server/product again and then pay a restoration fee. 

    I said I was fine without restoration, I would at least like to have server access for 6 months since it has been paid for and they have declined the refund. 


    I am now told nothing can be done. I won't get a refund, and I won't get any product. so I paid $359 for 3 days of a server...


    Can someone please help me understand how this is possible? why can't I get a product I have paid for back? I am not asking for content to be restored, I am asking to have access to a server since I have been charged for 6 months. 


    This is even more confusing because the confirmation email I got about the server cancellation, mentioned to contact them if this was a mistake.




    updated: I just spoke to a def rep (4th one) who managed to resolve the issue. 

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