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    Linux Gen4 VPS Cannot get GoDaddy to recognize 2224 is not blocked

    The site and all background services are working after I implemented a firewall on WHM just fine, except for the dashboard on GoDaddy itself, where I get the message Danger This dashboard relies on agent applications running on your server for certain operations to work, called nydus-ex and nydus-ex-api. They work through connections to your server on port 2224. Please ensure your firewall is not blocking this port and that these applications are running.


    This port is open. I have it allowing inbound and outbound traffic. I even allowed 2223 as some had suggested. I've bounced the server several times since then (it's been over a month now). The only phone support I can get to is basic sales; trying to reach hosting leaves me on hold for over an hour before I need to, you know, WORK and just give up on the call.


    This is what the firewall says about the "blocked" port: 

    2224tcp4/6-836nydus/opt/nydus/pyvenv/bin/python3.5 /opt/nydus/pyvenv/bin/nydus-ex-api/opt/python35/bin/python3.5


    Any ideas would be very welcome.

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    Product Team



    Thank you for posting the information from inside the firewall itself.  Have you attempted to check on the status of the port with a Telnet Connection?  Even if the port is open, it is possible the underlying service on that port (known as "nydus-ex", or simply "nydus") may have been uninstalled or disabled on the server.  This would return the same general response as the port itself being blocked, and the banner in question would still display.

    If you still have access to your server, you can run the following commands in SSH to ensure the port is open:

    sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=2224/tcp
    sudo firewall-cmd --reload
    sudo firewall-cmd --list-ports

    If the port is indeed open, you may need to restore your server from a previous backup to re-enable Nydus, or Rebuild your server to get the default image restored (Note: this will erase any data on your server you may have added, so please proceed with caution)

    In the even that you no longer have access to SSH, you can also try to access your server via the Recovery Console within your My Hosting (from the link right above the banner in question).  You will need to know your server admin credentials to proceed from here, but you can utilize the same basic commands as above.  

    I hope this helps a little.  

    Thank you for your reply @MatthewR. I'm using a different firewall program, but I was able to use the ps command to determine that the nydus-ex-api process IS running, and on that open 2224 port.


    From SSH:

    836 ? 00:05:14 nydus-ex-api


    Is there some other thing that could be getting blocked and GoDaddy only has the one error message?