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    New VPS Setup Confusion

    I am very new to GoDaddy and have purchased a basic (managed) Linux VPS along with a few domains.


    I was hoping that GoDaddy would have a wealth of video or blog tutorials for the initial setup of the VPS however It seems that I cannot find useful content after hours spent on Google. I have a few questions so please bare with me if they span a few topics!


    First Question: How would I point a domain held with Bluehost to my GoDaddy VPS?  I would then want to create a hosting account via the WHM. Anything special I would need to setup with the DNS?


    Second Question: How to point a new GoDaddy domain to the VPS including any other WHM setup. In particular I am worried about the setup of the Domain Records which seems complex.


       Related Question: Whilst attempting to load a new account within the WHM panel I noticed I could not set a disk quota and was always being defaulted to "unlimited" with a message saying "No quotas are enabled on this system."


    Thanks guys, as much I am pretty new to this so if you could keep the advice as simple as possible 🙂



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    Hi @DaveHenderson, thanks for posting.

    When working with VPS, most server management aspects are your responsibility.

    If you do not wish to setup DNS servers on your VPS, in most cases you can just updating the DNS of your domain name on it's current nameservers to point to the IP address of your VPS.

    I apologize, but I'm not familiar with setting up quotas in WHM. Perhaps another Community Member can help you out with that.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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