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CPanel doesn't show the correct resources after upgrading to "Ultimate Hosting Package" ?!


I recently upgraded my hosting plan from "Deluxe" to "Ultimate". Everything was processed correctly, but when I log in to my CPanel I still see the old resource specs for the deluxe package (512MB Memory) even though my manage dashboard for the hosting shows that it should be (1GB Memory) as follows:





I contacted customer support via live chat regarding this problem, but with no use. They told me that this is just a bug, and the real resources are assigned correctly, but I'm really not convinced, as my website setup (WordPress site) on this hosting plan is terribly slow, and it is just a small one with 100 Page-views / Day. I did every possible technique to improve performance as mentioned here: 

But with no use, the server takes almost 3 - 5 seconds to respond to the first request. I'm really frustrated, did anyone face a similar issue ?