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Completely lost access to stored procedures on MySQL after GoDaddy performed security updates

I create a stored procedure (routine) that I was able to edit until last Friday and then completely lost access to edit the proc after GoDaddy performed a Linux update on my VPS (apparently shared).

My db user has Full Privileges as per the CPanel interface including Alter Routine privilege but PhpMyAdmin would not allow me to edit the routine.


I can create and even drop the procedures but cannot edit them.

Spent hours on phone with GoDaddy support only to find that there is nothing that they can do to give me access to my own db objects. 

They cannot let me edit a procedure but let me delete it. 

Completely bonkers to call it a security feature that lets me drop but not edit, let alone throw me out of my own objects. 

Cannot believe that I am the only one facing this issue?