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GoDaddy email support follow up



After almost 2 hours of searching I found the page for raising support tickets.  It feels like this has been hidden away intentionally.  When it's late at night and I'm working I do not want to speak to some over positive person who keeps trying to up sell stuff to me.  I just need my questions answered with minimal human interaction and with IT is's much easier to write down a problem to start with that get straight into a conversation where neither party has had time to think it through yet.  Very disappointing.


Every time I call, a suggestion to add this or that is slipped in for a fee.  And they are probably right, but it feels like more effort is directed to closing a sale than providing support.

Every other IT service provider has support in big banner at the top of their page for support, but not GoDaddy. Maybe they are scared about too many people complaining about slow response times of their web services.  


The only redeeming aspect of all this is that the staff are always very nice.


Please sort it out! raise a ticket.pnggetting closer.pnggodaddy help 2.pnggodaddy help 1.png

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Super User III

Re: GoDaddy email support follow up



Unfortunately, the only ticket based support that's provided through GoDaddy is for the Sucuri related products. If you need assistance, you can always come to this board or contact phone or live chat support. 

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