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How to Clear Server Cache?

Is there any way to clear my server cache? None of my sites have been updating for the last couple of days. I've cleared my browser cache, tried multiple browsers, multiple devices, multiple IPs. Issue has to be server side unless I'm missing something obvious. 



I update my style.css

Upload through FTP or Cpanel

Check site, everything remains the same

CTRL U and find the old style.css is still active without the changes

Files in CPanel and Filezilla are both showing the updated version


Issue is non wordpress. All my wordpress sites are working just fine with the simple "clear cache" button. 

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Hi there,


It sounds like you're on shared hosting with cPanel. There is no natively installed server side caching system on GoDaddy's shared servers with the exception of their Managed WordPress offerings which use Varnish caching.


It definitely sounds like you have an issue but it's doubtful that it's related to caching unless you've set up some sort of caching on your sites. That would make it a development issue, not a server issue. For that you'd need to consult with a developer for your solution. 

I would call into customer support and have them do a courtesy check on your server. You'll want to talk to the Hosting department, not Inbound. They may be able to help you determine the cause of the issue so it can be corrected. 

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