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Move hosting now email is forwarding or crashing

Previously I was primary domain eMail but a while ago I was moved to cPanel and
email began having nuisance issues.

Now I am seeing major spam received and turned on SpamAssasin.

My own email is included in sender header.
Is this fixable or a sign of the times ?

Also the new website had "NEW" in domain for a while but now removed
but some configurations forward or crash as a result.
Email accounts forwards and disk uses crashes with "new" expected in mail directory names.

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Re: Move hosting now email is forwarding or crashing

I am not a fan of cPanel email and do not recommend it to clients as a first Litton @CoolGames. cPanel email tends to be a bit SPAM heavy but I don't have to tell you that. I find that products like GoDaddy Professional Email are loads easier to deal with. For me the cost of good products are recouped with the quality and time savings. 


Check out the threads cPanel email problems and Webmail not working for cpanel email as there is a lot of discussion about this very issue in. You might be able to get a great deal of information? At the very least you won't feel alone. I hope that helps? 


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