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My Domain is not Working?

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Thank you for always being very supportive. I have gone beyond taking just the first
step in web hosting. Find below what I have done and the difficulty confronted:

I had registered my web address: with GODADDAY.
I have a hosting account with GODADDY.
I have a Linux hosting (cPanel) account.
I have successfully loaded my Shiloh Printers website files to the
folder: public.html.
I have the index.htm file amongst other html files in the public folder.
I am expected to see my website running by typing at the address bar but to no avail.
However, if I type, the website is
displayed with all the links as expected.

Please, can you help to resolve this problem?


Community Team
Community Team

Re: My Domain is not Working?

We're happy to see that it looks like you were able to get this resolved.  I am able to visit your website without any issues.