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PHP website works perfectly in local environment but some functions are not working online

I uploaded my webiste to the Godaddy hosting system and I am having some issues. 


The database connection is working but the issue is that some functions that are working well in the local environment are failing. I have checked the PHP version selected and it's the right one am using locally. My tables are set well and no errors in files. 


For example, I tried to retrieve data in tables and that fails yet it's working well locally. The password_verify() function is also not returning anything and worst is that IF statements in some sections are not working.


Anyone experienced such a problem and what could be the best solution. 

Community Manager

Hi @codeguru23. That definitely sounds like a frustrating problem. I'm not sure what would be causing this, though it seems likely that it's related to differences between your local server and our hosting environment. One thing you could check (if you haven't done so already)  is the various options available when you select your PHP version within cPanel. You may want to compare that to what is installed on your local machine. Hopefully others in the community can also offer suggestions. Hope you're able to get this figured out. 


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