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Push Deployment

Trying to set up push deployment and having issues with the git configuration.


According to the automatically generated git config, the setting receive.denycurrentbranch should be set to 'updateInstead'. However the git version the server is running (2.19.1) seems to not support that setting and as a consequence I cannot push to the repository as I get an error that the config file is configured incorrectly for this setting.


Changing it from 'updateInstead' to 'refuse' allows me to push my changes to the repo successfully and the Git Version Control integration in cPanel recognizes that changes have been pushed. However in the file manager, the repository folder remains empty and I cannot view the changes.


To my understanding I have to either update the version of Git that's running on the server, or have cPanel (current version 78.0.38) updated to a newer version that comes with an updated version of Git.


Or maybe I am missing something entirely.