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Received message from the cPanel of one of my domains... it seems to be automated but asking for...

I received this automated message from cPanel but seems to be asking for an extension in certificate..  I assume that means more time?  I had not really considered that I would be using the site any longer but it has special connotation to me.  So I should persist in saving it anyway.  Any help?

Community Manager

Hi @SATORIZEN23. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


I'm not familiar with the message you're receiving. If you have an SSL Certificate that is up for renewal, you would want to renew that if you want to keep using HTTPS for your site. Otherwise, you can allow the certificate to expire (as long as you make sure your site is no longer redirecting to the secure protocol). Hope that helps. If not, feel free to provide more information (screenshots might be helpful). Others in the community may be able to provide you with additional suggestions. 


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