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mobile app doesn't refresh images when i overwrite an image in cPanel

Hi All,


I have a mobile app for kids magazines which is fetching images from cPanel using http. 

recently I've noticed that what I overwrite an image "due to a typo error or correction of information in the magazine"  with the same name in the cPanel and open the mobile app, it doesn't show the new uploaded image instead it shows the old image? unless I delete the app from my mobile and reinstall it OR delete it's cache manually

This is a new behavior as I remember testing this scenario previously and it was updating and overwritten image in the cPanel


My images are placed under "public_html" and then multiple sub folders.


currently I started doing a work around which is updating the picture using a new name and updating my html code with the new image name - see below


html code change.jpg

Would appreciate your support


Hi @Basim,


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to work out your issue with GoDaddy customer support? Wondering if you had tried completely removing the image either through FTP or the File Manager control, then uploading its replacement. Is it only on your mobile app that it fails to show the new upload (does it show on a desktop)? This sounds more like an issue with the app than the file manager and server. Your file hierarchy looks fine. 




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