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Configuring Your Linux Server as a DNS Server (No Control Panel)

You need to perform several tasks to configure your Linux server as a DNS server. This process involves Linux command line operations, and familiarity with the Linux command line interface is helpful.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you directly with the process of configuring your Linux server with no control panel as a DNS server. We recommend researching this process with your favorite search engine, as there is ample documentation online that can assist you. Using a search engine, you can query Linux command line DNS configuration to yield useful results.

The following instructions can help get you started.

To Configure Your Linux Server as a DNS Server

  1. Set up the BIND service to process DNS requests.
  2. Create zone files for the domain names for which your server handles DNS requests. Click here for more information.
  3. Register nameservers for your domain name. For more information, see Change nameservers for my domains.
  4. Change your domain's nameservers to the newly registered nameservers. For more information, see Change nameservers for my domains.

Note: Changes to the DNS settings of your domain names can take up to 48 hours to propagate.

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