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Edit products imported from Square

After importing Square products into your Website Builder Online Store, you may want to edit or add some product details. At the moment, two-way syncing between Square and Online Store is limited, but we're working to expand that ability.

Note: This feature is not available on mobile devices.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll to Website Builder and select Manage next to your site to open your site.
  3. In your Dashboard, select Store > Products.
  4. Select Quick Edit or select an individual product.
  5. Add or change info in any of the editable fields, such as product name or price. It will not be synced back to your Square account. To apply a category, select the category or hold the Shift key down to select more than one category.
  6. Note: Grayed out fields, such as Qty, can't be changed within Online Store. Product inventory is set in your Square account — not in the Online Store's Inventory & Options tab. The Online Store updates Qty every 15 minutes if changes are detected in your Square account. If there are no changes, Online Store checks the field every 30 minutes, then at 45 minutes and then at 60 minutes.

  7. When you're done, select Save.

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