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Editing Your Go Daddy Auctions Account Settings

In your GoDaddy Auctions® account, you can edit your account settings, such as the number of search results you want to display and frequency at which you want to receive text message alerts. You can also add and edit payment types, and you can set a default payment type.

Editing Your General Settings

From the General tab, you can edit your general account settings.

To Edit Your General Settings

  1. Log in to GoDaddy Auctions.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. From the General tab, edit any of the following:
    • Include adult domain names? — If you want adult-themed domain names to display when you search GoDaddy Auctions, select Show domain names listed as adult. Otherwise, it defaults to Filter out domain names listed as adult.
    • Results per page — Select the number of auction listings you want to view per page for Advanced Search and My Selling List and My Bidding List.
    • Allow buyers to view my other listings? — When buyers view, bid on, or make an offer on your listed domain name, we display a More Listings By This Seller hyperlink in the Other Listings section by default. If you do not want to display the link, select No.
    • SMS number — Enter the mobile phone number at which you want to receive text message alerts, and then select your provider from the list.
    • SMS address — GoDaddy Auctions automatically populates this field after you enter your mobile phone number and select a provider from the list.

      Note: If you select Custom Provider, you must enter an email address in this field. Contact your provider for more information.

    • Send Test Message — Click to send a test SMS message to your mobile phone.
    • Send me an SMS message when — Select when you want to receive SMS messages from GoDaddy Auctions.

      Note: Factors beyond GoDaddy Auctions' control can affect SMS message delivery, and delivery is not guaranteed. Your provider might charge you for any SMS messages you receive.

  4. Click Submit.

Editing Your Payment Settings

From the Payment tab, you can add and edit payment types, and you can set a default payment type.

To Edit Your Payment Settings

  1. Log in to GoDaddy Auctions.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Go to the Payment tab.
  4. Select, create, or modify the payee you want to receive your GoDaddy Auction payments.

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