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...I wish you could block phone numbers and save contacts from the app. Pain having to go back online to block numbers. Not being able to just click and save contacts is a pain as well....

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...Do u have a U.S. 24/7 phone number that is toll free? I got charged over $100 dollars on my phone bill & my phone... is supposed to have a block on all out of state calls I had no idea it wasn't a free number...

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...I need the phone numbers that appear in some of our titles and body text to be clickable. Is there a way to do... this? Right now the only clickable phone number is the one on the home page that is the phone number field. Using GoCentral....

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...I see this posted a lot, Godaddy has phone support in almost every city in every country across the world. To find... the support number for your country please visit this link:   Godaddy also...

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...This is a my new account. I have a account have username is: XXXX I turn on verify by phone number for my account...

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...Greetings,    I am a new Smartline user.  Is it possible to change your assigned Smartline number after a period... of time, or does service have to lapse, and/or sign up again from scratch.  Thank you....

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...SmartLine™ Business Phone App Add a business line to your smartphone. It’s the right call. Why Add a Second Number...? Local Number Toll-Free Number More ... SmartLine™ is an app you download to your smartphone that gives you a second phone...


hi  can i verify in godaddy just whit email    verification ?

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... expected from the public disclosure of your personal cell phone number via the WHOIS database.   Problem is the domains... this then mean? After some investigation you discover that your phone number has been associated with another GoDaddy account...

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...Hello there,   Is it possible to have multiple SmartLine numbers pointing to one cell phone? In my case, it's for two different types of clientele.   Thank you, TG...

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