Now that you understand what a subdomain is, you may want to forward it to a separate URL, as opposed to pointing, to an IP address or pointing to a server name. To forward a subdomain Log in to your GoDaddy account. Next

address that Private Registration creates for you, that email is routed according to the forwarding preference you set, for your account. You can set your account to forward your email without filtering it, filter it for spam and then forward

your emails. By default, Private Registration filters spam and forwards email messages to the email address you enter, you set email forwarding will depend on the view of your account. Card View In Card View, your account will look

You can delete a forwarded subdomain at any time. If your domain is registered at another company, see the Domains, registered at another company section below for instructions. To delete a forwarded subdomain Log in to your GoDaddy

Forward a domain

Domain name forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain name's visitors to a different location on the web,. You can choose to forward your inactive domain to a variety of places. If you own several domains, you

Forwarding or Masking Your Domain Name if you see this view. Once you've forwarded your domain, you may wish to make, changes, choose a different forwarding location, or delete forwarding altogether. To manage your forwarded domain Log

Once you've forwarded a subdomain to a separate URL, you may want to make edits. If your domain is registered, at another company, see the Domains registered at another company section below for instructions. To edit a forwarded subdomain

You can forward or mask a domain name to redirect it to another website. You can use either a 301 or 302 redirect,. When you redirect your domain name using a 301 redirect, it sends visitors to the specified site with a "301 Moved

When you set up domain name forwarding, we can automatically update the domain name's IP address to use our forwarding, IP address. If the automatic update doesn't occur, you must update the address manually so our domain name forwarding

These are the instructions for forwarding and/or masking a domain in List View, which will look something like, this: In this instance, you'll want to follow instructions for Forward a domain . Domain name forwarding lets