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Test your website speed with Pingdom

When evaluating the performance of your site, figuring out where and what to improve can be time-consuming without a tool like the Page Speed Test from Pingdom. Here's how to get started with the speed test.

  1. Go to Pingdom's website speed test.
  2. Replace your site's URL.
  3. Under Test From, select a location that represents your typical visitor, and then select START TEST.
  4. Under Your Results, you can see a performance grade for your site as well as details such as load time, page size, and the number and type of requests made by the page.
  5. Under Improve page performance you can see a list of items that were checked, your site's score for each, and suggested improvements.
  6. Select each item to see more details.

Next steps

  • To improve your site's performance, follow the suggestions provided by Pingdom. Resolve the issues marked in red first because they are slowing down your site the most.
  • You can try improving your site's speed by optimizing your images with a plugin.

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