VPS Hosting Support

Reliable support backed by certified experts

Talk to one of our certified experts 24/7 at 040-67607627.

Standard Support

We’ll take care of:

OS updates
Network security support
DDoS attack prevention
Security patching
Performance monitoring (system and software level)

You’re in charge of:

Installation, updates and support of applications and plugins
Migration from other servers to GoDaddy
Database administration
Website optimization
User script errors

Self-Managed Support

You're in charge of everything here, from OS updates to security patching and more.

Fully Managed Support Plan (Paid Option)
Want an expert to handle the technical stuff for you? Call 040-67607627 to see how we can help.

We’ll take care of:

Complete migration of up to 5 sites
LAMP stack Support
Server optimization (Apache and MySQL)
Custom plugin or application install
PHP module installation
SSL installation
User script errors
cPanel support and walkthroughs
SPAM Review
Database management: Setup configuration and trouble shooting
Set up and restore backups
Disaster Recovery Restore

You’re in charge of:

Migration for anything OVER 5 sites
Updating your applications (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
Application optimization and support
Managing your website and code
Changes that conflict with the cPanel control panel
VPS tips and advice
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