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Welcome to GoDaddy Pro

One dashboard to manage sites, clients and projects.

Deliver first-class services to your clients with GoDaddy Pro. Take advantage of site and client management tools, product discounts, priority support and educational content — FREE for web designers and developers.
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One dashboard to manage it all.

Access everything through the Hub by GoDaddy Pro.

Your go-to products

Linux with cPanel Hosting

Our most economical hosting. Includes a free domain and email.

Starting at

₹ 99.00 /mo

VPS Hosting

High performance SSDs for 3X the speed plus unlimited traffic. Includes weekly backups with monitoring for uptime and performance.

Starting at

₹ 439.00 /mo

Professional Email

Affordable business email to match your client’s domain. Includes ample storage, calendar, contacts and mobile-friendly webmail.

Starting at

₹ 29.00 /mo

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Member Story

“With its unique features to manage our customers on a single dashboard and access expert support, it is a boon for us in addressing our client needs.”

Sajal Bhatia
Founder, Webic Studio

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