Join us at
Cloudfest India 2018

May 23, 2018 | Mumbai | India

Advance your business with Cloudfest India.

Success is part opportunity and part action. Cloudfest India gives you the opportunity to learn from — and network with — some of the top names in the hosting and domain industry

The World Hosting Day event includes keynote speeches from some of the industry’s top experts, as well as panel discussions, breakout sessions, and an exhibition where you can introduce your product or service to a targeted and influential audience.
Get an unprecedented opportunity to gain key insights on the hottest topics and the latest advancements in the domain industry.
And we’re there, too. We’ll have a special booth where you can see some of our latest products in action. Plus, we’ll keep some goodies waiting for you, including special discounts on select products.

Keynote Speakers

An event of this size needs to have some memorable names making appearances, and we've got that covered.

Steven Aldrich

Chief Product Officer at GoDaddy

Steven is the Chief Product Officer at GoDaddy, responsible for delivering great customer experiences and identifying new products and services to expand GoDaddy's impact on small business' success. He is an entrepreneur and business leader who has helped grow multiple companies by creating teams, growing people, improving the customer experience, building partnerships and championing acquisitions.
Nikhil Arora

Vice President and Managing Director at GoDaddy

Nikhil is the Vice President and Managing Director at GoDaddy, responsible for leading the India business and identifying new growth opportunities to transform the lives of small businesses. Nikhil is passionate about helping small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs establish and grow their ventures. He's helped launch several new businesses in his tenure at various organizations and is passionate about grassroots innovation and “giving voice to good ideas” wherever those ideas may come from.