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.in Domain Names

Let the world .in

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₹ 599.00 ₹ 449.00/1st yr
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What are .in domain names?

Open to registration by anyone in any location, .in domain names often designate an individual or organization based in India. Whether you’re a business or charity, blogger or photographer, the .in domain can help you draw a more personal connection with people in India. However, they’re also a solid bet if you’re looking for a short domain that anyone will remember.

Imagine using it for email — you’ll have a catchy address that also lets people in India know you’re local. And if you’re already using a tried-and-true domain, adding dot in will only broaden your reach and can show visitors that you’re using the local language and currency. (Google loves that, and your customers will, too.)

When should you register a .in domain name?

Whether you're marketing to customers in India or need a catchy domain extension to promote a new product, a .in domain helps you:

  • Connect. There are nearly half a billion active internet users in India and that number is only getting bigger.
  • Focus. A .in domain is perfect for creating a targeted site or regional identity while still creating a global presence.
  • Protect. Keep your brand away from competitors who might wish to take advantage of the name recognition generated by your other domains.
  • Create. A blog or podcast can use dot in to showcase the hottest trends in music, movies, fashion and more — all the hot topics the "in crowd" is raving about.

Even if you aren’t looking to make your way in India, you could still buy .in for it’s amazing potential in several other areas.

The .in domain means opportunity.

More and more people are making the decision to register .in and explore all the opportunities that India presents. A world leader politically and economically, India is home to more than a billion people who contribute to one of the largest economies in the world — and .in domains help you claim your piece of those trillions of dollars in purchasing power.

Culturally, India has developed into a country where you can reach a large yet diverse group. People practice all of the world’s major religions in India and it’s the source of some of the world’s most notable works of art, literature and architecture. You could even dedicate your .in domain solely to India’s film industry — the most watched in the entire world.

When you buy .in, it’s not just a domain extension you’re getting. It’s an opportunity to connect with one of the most dynamic countries in the world — and all the amazing people who live there.

More potential, more demand. Register .in today.

While there might be millions upon millions of connections to be made in India, great ideas unfortunately aren’t that abundant. Don’t hesitate when your own great idea arrives. Even if you aren’t planning to establish yourself in India, get your .in domain name and get going.